Successful Swamp Buck Hunt on Drummond Island: Overcoming Challenges for a Memorable Experience

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Whitetail Buck

  • rifle
  • 9
    antler tines
  • saddle
    setup type
  • public
    land type
  • 75
    distance (yards)
  • Ice Fishing's avatar

    Yo! Nice one!

  • O2's avatar

    @Ice thanks!!!

  • Mike's avatar

    Congrats man!

  • Derek's avatar

    That's the way it goes, man! When nothing is going right, just get ready, because something is about to happen. Well done, brother. You deserved this one.

  • Jonathan's avatar


  • Jon's avatar

    Nice deer seems it’s gonna be a chore to get out. Congratulations

  • O2's avatar

    @Derek thanks man!!!

  • O2's avatar

    @Jon thanks!! It sure was

  • O2's avatar

    @Mike trying to keep up with you big man

  • O2's avatar

    @Jonathan thanks man!

  • Mike's avatar

    @O2 ha! Check out my post from a minute ago and you’ll see you’re ahead of me bro… I’m looking to tie it up yet though 😉

  • Network's avatar

    Very nice!

  • O2's avatar

    @Network thanks!!

  • John's avatar

    Congrats. Nice buck

  • KLUK's avatar


  • Harrison's avatar

    awesome buck! looks really old! it’s much harder to kill an old deer than one with a ton of headgear. sometimes those two go hand in hand but this time it doesn’t. AWESOME BUCK MAN!!!

  • Robert's avatar


  • Johnny's avatar

    Nice one

  • O2's avatar

    @Harrison thank you!!!

  • O2's avatar

    @KLUK thank you!!!

  • O2's avatar

    @John thanks!!!

  • O2's avatar

    @Robert thanks!!

  • O2's avatar

    @Johnny thanks!!!

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