Successful Solo Goose Hunt at the Lily Pad Pond

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    Sweet man congrats

  • Andrew's avatar

    How did it go shooting a 12gauge in a kayak?

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    @Andrew I’ve hunted this way for the last few years. It’s not bad. Paddle toward the geese until they fly, drop the paddle, pick up the gun and shoot. I’m moving water I like to have a tether on the paddle so it doesn’t float away.

  • Caleb's avatar

    Blasting one from the yak is a great experience. I like how you strategically worked his movements in your favor. I’ll be knocking the rust off my shotgun tmrw

  • Kory's avatar

    @Caleb thanks. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I’m starting to learn from them. Good luck this season.

  • Andrew's avatar

    I thought about doing never met anyone who did it before. Thank you for the info .

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Kory S


Outdoorsman Dad Hunter, angler, husband, father, writer. Producer and Co-host of @harvestingnature Wild Fish and Game Podcast @GoWild Brand Ambassador. Instagram: @outdoorsmandad

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