Successful Quota Permit Hunt: Bagging a Bird Near a Fresh Burn

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    Patience and perseverance pays off, great bird, congratulations. 🦃

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    Congrats man! This year has started off great! You, Ricky and me all put the hammer down on nice gobblers.🦃💥🙌🏻

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    @Tom this one was my buddies on my guest tag, I put him and my daughter on one each but need one for myself still. I sat for the last day of my quota yesterday but had to leave at 430. Got these pics on my way home lol, I saw these guys twice over the weekend but didn’t get a shot.

  • Chuck's avatar

    Time is an hour behind

  • Tom's avatar

    @Chuck You’ll get on one, brother. That cold spell messed them up for a couple days. We saw two longbeards yesterday evening, but they were already in the pasture and the cattle spooked them. Only the hens showed back up on their way to roost. Hopefully they will show back up on Thursday evening. That’s when we’ll be back out hunting. Good luck and keep me posted on your hunt.

  • Chuck's avatar

    @Tom my quota for this spot is over now but I have 2 more on a different WMA coming up. Same one my daughter got the Jake youth weekend, there’s still 4 jakes and 2 Tom’s I know of. One of the jakes has at least a 6” beard and is probably 15 lbs. hers was 12.2 and this one is noticeably bigger.

  • Tom's avatar

    Awesome! You’ll get ya one. Patience and persistence, brother.

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Chuck M


Twitter: @Bonelesschuck86 Instagram: FP_Image Tennessee born, Florida raised. I’m into bow hunting and bass fishing with my daughters mainly. I’m also a jujitsu enthusiast and I work in quality control for Ballistic Advantage AR rifle and pistol barrels, among other things.

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