Successful North Dakota Duck Hunt: 3-Man Limit and First Wigeon Capture

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  • Nate's avatar

    (I’ve been patiently waiting for the daily update… This is awesome)

  • Derek's avatar

    @Nate we're hoping for another great log post tomorrow! Haha.

  • Brayden's avatar

    Let’s gooooo

  • Waterfowl's avatar

    Nice work!!!

  • Mike's avatar

    The mixed bag is always awesome

  • Derek's avatar

    @Mike were up to 9 species already and we got some nasty weather moving in from the north. We just sat out back for the last bit listening to cows, farm equipment and snow geese.

  • Mike's avatar

    @Derek seeing any specks?

  • Derek's avatar

    @Mike we've seen a few. Not a ton and the few we've seen haven't looked very interested in us.

  • Shawn's avatar

    @Derek I've been waiting too haha. But nice job! Good luck tomorrow!

  • Derek's avatar

    @Shawn thank you!

  • Mike's avatar

    Specks are my bucket list waterfowl, get some!

  • Derek's avatar

    @Mike I've never gotten one before and definitely would like to. We're hoping we can get on a big ol Canada feed one day.

  • Jon's avatar

    Nice mixed bag, should make for some great eats. Another great day outside.

  • Dan's avatar

    Atta boy Derek!

  • Dave's avatar

    Id love to go duck hunting again, haven't been in a few years

  • Derek's avatar

    @Dave it's honestly probably my favorite hunting.

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Derek T


Part time at GoWild, full time Firefighter/EMT. Love spending time worshipping God in the outdoors doing all things from hunting, fishing, trapping and much more. Passionate about wildlife conservation.

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