Successful Missouri Turkey Hunt Despite Windy Conditions: 10 3/4-Inch Beard and 1 1/8-Inch Spurs

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  • shotgun
  • 10
    beard length (in)
  • eastern
  • 1
    total spur length (in)
  • private
    land type
  • 1
    right spur length (in)
  • 1
    left spur length (in)
  • Lisa's avatar

    Happy to see you got your bird, Jeremy! Nice one too! Congratulations

  • Ricky's avatar

    Great bird, congratulations 🦃

  • O2's avatar

    Congrats Jeremy!!!

  • Jeremy's avatar

    @Lisa thank you!

  • Jeremy's avatar

    @Ricky thank you!

  • Jeremy's avatar

    Thx Gents!

  • Eric's avatar

    Very nice!!! How are you going to eat him?

  • Jeremy's avatar

    Schnitzel for the breast. Slow cook the rest for tacos and pizza. Already ate one half of the breast last night with some morels I found!

  • Will's avatar

    Turkey slayer!

  • Jeremy's avatar

    @Will trying!

  • Robert's avatar

    Great deal

  • Jeremy's avatar

    @Robert Thank you!

  • EPIC's avatar

    @Jeremy I'm looking to do the very thing If I can connect this weekend. Hoping at least one will be lonely and looking for a good time lol. Great bird!

  • Jeremy's avatar

    @EPIC good luck and thank u

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Jeremy K


Hunter, father, fitness professional and author just trying to make a difference

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