Successful Late Season Hunt: Bagging a Buck on a Well-Timed Food Plot

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Whitetail Buck

  • muzzleloader
  • 8
    antler tines
  • 14
    antler spread (in)
  • private
    land type
  • 78
    distance (yards)
  • Dave's avatar

    What model blackpowder rifle?

  • Justin's avatar

    That a Renegade?

  • Bob's avatar

    @Dave Thompson Renegade 50 cal

  • Bob's avatar

    @Justin Yes Sir

  • Justin's avatar

    @Bob was that you I talked to yesterday? I got a .54 myself. I love that rifle!

  • Justin's avatar

    @Bob nevermind I just went back through my notifications lol sorry bro lol

  • Dave's avatar

    @Bob nice

  • Bob's avatar

    @Justin no worries man. I’m still trying to figure out postings so I logged time and the trophy separately instead of logging the time under the trophy post. These guns aren’t great for open field hunting like the newer scoped inlines but for timber/under 100 yds I love it.

  • Bruce's avatar

    I have a 54 cal , shot a lot of deer with it.

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Bob H


I’m just a Husband and Dad who loves my family and enjoys all things outdoors.

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