Successful Hunting Trip in Wyoming with My Brother-in-Law Zach

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    Fantastic! Congrats looks like y’all had an amazing trip!

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    Nice job congratulations 💪💪

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    I’m new to west hunting & id like to learn what to actually do for draw tags. It’s like you need 2 lawyers & 4 game wardens to tell you the rules & regs & they still have a hard time lol

  • Andrew's avatar

    Congratulations both of you! Good luck with drawing the bull tag! I feel like I’m a year behind every year 😂

  • T.J.'s avatar

    Nice. Congrats to the both of you!!!

  • Brendon's avatar

    @Kevin dude tell me about it. I’m lucky enough to have some connections or I’d be screwed

  • Brendon's avatar

    @Andrew I know the feeling. Thanks and good luck your self.

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    @T.J. thank you sir.

  • Brendon's avatar

    @Craig thanks

  • Brendon's avatar

    @Tyler thanks man.

  • Brendon's avatar

    @John thanks we sure did.

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Brendon Y


Founder of whitetailhype!! Love the outdoors And I have a weakness for big Whitetail deer.

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