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  • Jonathan's avatar

    nice find.

  • Nice...if only they all fell that nicely right next to eachother lol

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    no joke.... my buddy and I make a long weekend out of shed hunting every year when he comes in from out of state, and he picked up 7 right sided sheds and we could not find any matches to them.... I've got another 10 sheds that I don't have matches for from this year.... few of them are real small so that makes it harder, but the bigger ones are nowhere to be seen....

  • @Matt it’s crazy how hard they can be to find. A recent NDA study found that in a fenced off research area graduate students only found like 30% of the sheds or something like that. Pretty crazy.

  • Matt's avatar

    yeah, and that study also showed how focused people are on big sheds and not picking up much for small sheds, which is how I am at times 😂 if it's the same study, my buddy was telling me that it made it seem like the majority of the deer on the fenced in property were 4-5yo deer based on the sheds picked up, when in reality the majority of bucks on the farm were 2yo. I actually had to force myself to stop, go slower and force myself to scan for smaller sheds. actually found a couple small ones this past weekend including spikes, but also almost stepped on one my buddy saw next to my feet 😅 but it is absolutely crazy to think about how many sheds you walk by, even when actively looking for them

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Matt R


Shed Hunting and Waterfowl fanatic, with passionate mixture for everything else outdoors

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