Successful Coon Hunt with Leopard Female Fossil and Mountain Cur Tucker

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  • rifle
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    pursued with hounds
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    That’s my kind of dog power👍

  • I’ve never heard of a Leopard hound till just a few weeks ago lol, I know some guys that Squirrel hunt with those Mountain Cur’s but I don’t know anybody that Coon hunts with them lol. Those are some nice looking Dogs y’all have.

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    @Stephen ya my buddy squirrel hunts his as well. They are a cool breed and I’ve had them in the past. They handle great and are super smart. The leopards have been around since the 60’s as an established breed so they are fairly young and there is a lot of infighting within the breed. I really like them they are registered as hounds now but mine are much more cur like and they were registered as curs until 12 years ago.

  • @Ben They are good looking hounds for sure, I hadn’t ever heard of them in these parts, I learned something new today lol, my Brother has been trying to talk me into getting some Mountain Cur’s ?

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    @Stephen they are great multi purpose dog, not many will excel at Coon hunting like a true hound but on a good night they are fun to hunt and can tree a pile of them.

  • @Ben Cool, I know they are great Squirrel Dogs,I’m sure they are a lot of fun to hunt with?

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