Stop the Regulation of Dog Breeding in Florida: Contact Your Representatives Now

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    @Rick @Ricky @Amos Can y’all please help pass this along

  • Danny's avatar

    @Brayden @Mike I know y’all don’t live in Fl but you both have a lot of followers. Can you please repost this and help out. Thanks

  • Rick's avatar

    @Danny definitely, that’s crazy man.

  • Danny's avatar

    @Rick What’s crazy is these are both Republicans that have introduced these bills. We are fighting both sides on some issues

  • Rick's avatar

    @Danny yup there’s no right or wrong side anymore, it’s the people against the system. Can’t go down without a fight.

  • Amos's avatar

    I’ll see what I can do to pass the info along. Ridiculous!

  • Mike's avatar

    I posted the direct link. That’s crazy..

  • Danny's avatar

    @Mike I appreciate it

  • Ricky's avatar

    Yes sir I will check it out and pass it along in my neck of the woods also. It’s crazy

  • Danny's avatar

    I received an update from an aid to Rep Chaney. The way I read it she realized she was kicking a hornets nest and rescinded her support for the bill. However she also stated that the next step for withdrawal is out of her hands. We need to keep an eye on this because I don’t believe she is sorry that she sponsored a bill such as this. She only regrets the pushback.

  • Ricky's avatar

    Went on site and filled both out, now will spread the word.

  • Eric's avatar

    After reading through the legislation, I have to point out that per the definition of “dog breeder”within, you have to offer the dogs bred from the breeding female for sale or exchange in return for consideration in order to be classified as one. That’s when all of the other things come into play. The SA article states that you end up classified as a breeder just for owning a “breeding female” which does not seem to be the case. I’m definitely not arguing for the passing of this legislation. Hopefully this doesn’t come off that way. Just thought that this might take the edge off for folks worried that simply owning their female dog is going to invite the entirety of the state legal and regulatory system into their lives.

  • David's avatar @Danny heres the link. Hopefully this idiocy can be defeated.

  • Casey's avatar

    Two feathers of the same bird... WYKYK - My dog identifies as a (almost) service dog on a good day, a spoiled cidiot the rest. (He's adopted)

  • David's avatar

    howl for wildlife might be worth reaching out to about this... definitely bs. I'll be sending an email. I don't have hunting dogs or breed them but my dad always did and loved it. it's definitely special to hunt with a guy and his dog. they shouldn't be able to regulate whether you breed your pup or not and what you do with them as long as it's not abuse. they should focus their efforts on the wrong people owning dogs rather than this.

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Danny N


Florida cracker that loves to hunt and spend time outdoors. Was a lineman for 21 yrs now a Journeyman meter tech with the power company

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