Stocking Up: Freezing Fresh Game for Future Adventures

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hunting2H 0M
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    New to South, I’ve been getting a few here and there, vacuum sealing until I get enough for a good meal. Pretty excited to try them, my buddy says they taste a lot better than the Alaska/west coast ones that eat pine cones

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    @Arne I’m sure they do since ours will eat everything else first. They’ll eat pine nuts to survive. White oak acorns make everything taste better.

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    On a side note, is the rut over? I’m 30 minutes Nw of Knoxville, cell cams showing a little more daylight action

  • Shane's avatar

    @Arne there will be some rut till Christmas most years. But, it’s mostly over. I’m not much of a deer hunter though so I may not be right about that. I do plan on getting one for the freezer during this cool weather.

  • Arne's avatar

    Thanks! Haven’t hunted deer since I lived in SE Alaska, very different from that area!

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Shane B


Run beagles on rabbits. I kill a couple deer a year to eat. Really enjoy following any kind of hunting dog.

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