New Year, New Goals!

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    I don't have a "resolution" Per se' but I'm slowly trying to get back to a more healthy lifestyle. Before I started driving truck 4+ years ago I was in the best shape of my life, trying to get that back, as I sit here and eat Papa John's for breakfast, smh.😂

  • Brian's avatar

    @Adam 🤔not sure if that's the best approach... but, hey, who am I to judge

  • Brian's avatar

    @Steven I'm setting a goal of dropping 50lbs, shoot weekly, take my first turkey and take 3 people hunting. I have 1 committed already.

  • Derek's avatar

    Great post, man! Good luck in all you do this year. My goals really are just to continue this journey of healthy living that I'm on, continue to grow my faith, and to go on my first mule deer hunt.

  • Jackson's avatar

    @Brian where you at man. Turkey huntin is my jive!!!

  • Brian's avatar

    @Jackson I'm in Chicagoland. Plainfield, southwest suburb.

  • Brian's avatar

    @Jackson I see your in Missouri. What part? I'm willing to travel

  • Zack's avatar

    Thanks for supporting GoWild Steven!

  • Mike's avatar

    Great goals man. My big one is to increase cardio for a potential wilderness hunt out west.

  • Jackson's avatar

    @Brian right now I’m in northeast Missouri. But I’m moving in two weeks. Keep in touch with me and maybe we can work somethin out. My favorite hunts are helpin people with their “first”.

  • Ty's avatar

    Great post @Steven thanks. I'm also planning to lose 20 pounds. (Halfway there!). I quit drinking and hope to keep it that way. Looking to shoot my first 25 at the skeet course and keep my dog satisfied in the grouse woods. I hope for my first Tom this spring and to replicate last seasons bow hunting success on whitetail while I continue to dream and start the process to execute a western hunt for mule deer or elk someday. Have a great 2019 everybody

  • Brian's avatar

    @Jackson will do, northeast Missouri is only a few hours from me. I make st. Louis in under 4 and kc in 7ish

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Steven D

New Jersey

Fireman, hunting and fishing north NJ and PA occasionally traveling. Big cowboys fan

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