Stephon's Solo Caper Adventure

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    My advice is gather some pictures of live deer and compare a taxidermists work to a live deer. Do not take someone’s word that their taxidermist does great work, because without fail, most everyone thinks their mounts look great, and sadly they often do not. And do not shop around for the cheapest price, you will get what you pay for.

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    Very nice buck!

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    The taxidermist should have a large room of completed mounts waiting to be shipped all over the country. They should look absolutely beautiful. He should be one of the most expensive.

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    Did my first cape last year. I called a friend with experience to walk me through it. Never hurts to learn something new.

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    @Seth I read your post and thought I’m in southeast, Ohio ain’t nobody gonna meet this criteria. Guy I found last minute at buddies recommendation fit the bill. 40 years experience with 2 sons following him. Said he shipped one to New York today. Every mount in the place was great. I left confident and at ease! Price was as it should be and turnaround estimate is great too! My deer is #152 and they are on deer #80😎

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    @Stephon from the sounds of it, you will be a very happy customer! Sounds like the ideal guy for your trophy

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