Staying Positive in the Field: Overcoming Challenges in Hunting for 3 Seasons

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    Every day could be “the” day. I’m new to whitetail, my goal is to take one off my property with my bow. 2nd year trying since I moved to Tennessee. Encounters plenty, but mostly after shooting light. Or before. Or not presenting a shot. Or my lazy ass looking at a great opportunity on my cell camera while I’m eating breakfast…. I’m not going to give up, matter of not letting my goal go unfulfilled. Just gotta keep putting in the time. We’ll both get there, have faith!

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    This is only season three for me, so I don’t want to give any impression that I’ve been at this for a long time. I have to echo @Arne on the every day could be “the day” part. This is going to sound incredibly cheesy, but just being out there picks me up. I honestly don’t get out as much as I should though, particularly to scout, but more importantly during the season. Feeling defeated is a bit of a driver for me to get out there, knowing that I won’t see anything if I’m still in bed, or like Arne, seeing a good looking deer stroll by a cell cam while I’m eating breakfast. An even cheesier pick me up is knowing that the worst case scenario in me not being successful is that I’ve gotten out, and the tag soup that I’ve paid for is supporting conservation. Good luck out there!

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    It will happen for you! Stay focused. If you hunt you are going to miss occasionally. It happens to the best. The way I keep from being defeated is to count my blessings. Enjoy every moment in the outdoors. Every leaf that falls , every animal you see, every bird you hear it was all created for you at that very moment.

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    Being thankful that I can go still do it. That I can climb up a tree with bow in hand. That I ask God can I and He says yes because 5 years ago I could not and that not was almost forever. All this credit goes to God not me❤️✝️

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    Thanks everyone and god bless 🇺🇸

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    Just being away from humans and watching nature is enough for me. They don’t call it killing. Hang in there. Make sure you have deer sign and play the wind. Good luck.

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