My First Bowhunting Season

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Whitetail Doe

  • compound bow
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  • 25
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    That’s a great kill! Congrats on your first bow kill!

  • @Jackson this one isn’t my first, it’s just my first season that I got to hunt the whole season. I started Bowhunting in 2021 at the very end of season and got a doe then too. Thank you 😊

  • Sean's avatar

    Congrats! Knew you had some frustration growing! It’s good to get that first kill to help ease some of the stress. Well done!

  • @Sean oh my stress post was after I hadn’t seen any deer in like 3 weeks and then missed a buck 😝 BUT I’m definitely going to be more prepared for next season!! Thank you!

  • William's avatar

    awesome! I can smell the deer chili already!

  • @William honestly my favorite is pan frying the heart!

  • Wade's avatar

    Congratulations young lady

  • @Wade thank you!

  • Wade's avatar

    @Squirrely yes mam

  • John's avatar

    Good to hear you’ve had a couple of slick heads to build confidence anyhow! Too bad about the drop away rest fail. 🙄😤 and three weeks without seeing a deer can be devastating for a new bow hunter that’s eager to see all of their hard work and new hunting equipment be put to use. Stick with it. Make sure to take your post season scouting seriously and figure out where the heck the deer were at! I’ve found some honey hole bedding areas! Beds the size of refrigerators! Maybe one of these guys were in there the whole time. 🤔

  • @John yes! Thank you for the advice! I’ll definitely be out and about more this year for scouting

  • Brian's avatar

    Those are the best eating ones anyway, it's still a trophy in my eyes, congratulations! 👊👍

  • @Brian thank you!

  • Jackson's avatar

    @Squirrely well either way, congrats!

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  • Don's avatar

    Keep on trying and you’ll get that buck. Taking does with a bow is not that easy so congratulations. Enjoy the ride.

  • @Don they really don’t give does enough credit for how difficult they are to kill!

  • Shawn's avatar

    That is AWESOME! Congratulations!!!

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