Squirrel Hunting on National Forest

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    Nice find! 😎👊

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    @Appalachian Mark Twain

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    @Appalachian it was in Cherokee Pass, Mo. though lol

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    Nice, I wasn't too crazy far from there killing ducks last weekend. Are there plenty of turkeys in the Mark Twain ntnl forest?

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    @Appalachian yes there is. Hogs also, MDC has made it illegal to hunt them though. Only on private property now

  • Appalachian's avatar

    Nice, I may have to go chase some birds out that way. Also, I guess they might not want folks in their running dogs year round or something. Our wmas/state/national forests allow incedental harvest of hogs during whitetail/turkey seasons, and some have short designated dog hunts. As far as I know

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    @Appalachian dogs used to be able to be used. Big fines are available now lol. I have private property to hunt them in the middle of MTNF. Just a lot of BS info being propagated by authorities. Lots of people upset with MDC & the hog trap I stumbled across hasn’t been used in a long time that they put out

  • Appalachian's avatar

    Shoot, I know what you mean, I have found lots traps empty unused and in disrepair On the state lands. I'm not really sure what their goals are.

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