Mysterious Mountain Lion Sighting

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  • Aden's avatar

    A raccoon

  • Granville's avatar


  • Granville's avatar

    Looks like a baby mountain lion

  • Rowdy's avatar

    She’s moving her kitten.

  • Wade's avatar

    Definitely a kitten

  • Ruben's avatar

    Moving her kittens for sure

  • James's avatar

    Looks like a kitten to me

  • Jeff's avatar

    her kitten

  • John's avatar

    Looks like a baby yo me to

  • Joshua's avatar

    My question is what is the blue stuff

  • Paul's avatar

    Looks like some more classified documents from Bidens watch

  • Maddie's avatar

    @Paul 🤣🤣

  • Rowdy's avatar

    @Joshua That’s crushed granite rock. It comes in several different colors. The blue is my favorite.

  • Jaxon's avatar

    Honestly looks like a baby bobcat

  • Kyler's avatar

    Her kitten

  • Dustin's avatar

    @Jaxon I agree with spots it looks like a bobcat

  • Jeremiah's avatar

    Baby mountain lions have spots. I googled it 😊

  • John's avatar

    Baby mountain lions sometimes are spotted like that. She’s taking her baby to a new place looks like to me.

  • Joshua's avatar

    Her kid.

  • Kyler's avatar

    It’s baby

  • Derick's avatar


  • Dave's avatar

    Have to agree with Rowdy

  • Jay Bird's avatar

    Definitely a cub

  • Joshua's avatar

    @Rowdy what’s the granite do

  • Rowdy's avatar

    @Joshua it’s used for road base when the road is put on a hill or goes through a wet area.

  • Seth's avatar

    I agree with a lot of the comments that it looks like a kitten… but in October?? Assuming the time stamp is correct?

  • Joshua's avatar

    @Rowdy o I thought it was being used for the game some way lol

  • Rowdy's avatar

    @Joshua no sir, just crushed rock for a road. It makes a nice driveway.

  • Brit's avatar

    a cub

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