Spring Shed Hunting Pays Off: Bagging a Buck with Muzzleloader on 12/10/19

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Whitetail Buck

  • muzzleloader
  • 185 lbs
  • 120
    body length (in)
  • 10
    antler tines
  • private
    land type
  • 52
    distance (yards)
  • Donovan's avatar

    Wow. Congrats on the hoss. Welcome aboard Quintin 👊🏼

  • Mike's avatar

    Hard to beat the satisfaction of connecting on a target animal. Congrats and welcome to GoWild Quintin👊

  • Jerry's avatar

    Wow, just wow, congratulations on a fantastic buck

  • John's avatar

    Great buck! Welcome to GoWild Quintin

  • Tom's avatar

    Welcome to the GoWild family Quintin

  • David's avatar

    Awesome buck! Welcome to GoWild.

  • John's avatar

    That’s awesome! So cool you have his shed too.

  • Arica's avatar

    Whoa!!! Congrats!

  • Brian's avatar

    Congrats nice deer

  • Vincent's avatar

    Oh Hellz yeah

  • Al's avatar

    Wow what a amazing deer! Congratulations man. Welcome to the GoWild community. 👍🏻

  • Ken's avatar

    Ummm..... 12/10/20 ???

  • Brian's avatar

    Nice buck!

  • Bruce's avatar


  • Ferg's avatar

    Massive congrats dude,what a day, what a memory. Welcome to GoWild Quintin

  • Joe's avatar

    Very nice!

  • Derek's avatar

    NICE! Happy for you.

  • Charlie's avatar

    Amazing buck.

  • Collin C.'s avatar

    Awesome buck! Congratulations!

  • Nathan's avatar

    Stud Buck! Congrats Quintin!

  • David's avatar

    Nice! Welcome to GoWild.

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Quintin M


Teacher. Hunting, fishing, trapping, boating, camping, side by side riding. Insta:QuintinMyers18

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