Spring Gobbler Season Update: Share Your Hunting Stories with Federal

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  • Jacob's avatar

    We open Saturday and I’m pumped!

  • Nathan's avatar

    Still trying to get it done with my bow! Haven’t had one close enough yet

  • Mervin's avatar

    Youth day with a friends daughter

  • Mervin's avatar

    One week later myself.

  • John's avatar

    We open Saturday. Hopefully everybody’s is going good. I’m super excited!!!

  • Brad's avatar

    Not open yet but soon

  • Dave's avatar

    Getting ready

  • Couldn’t tell ya, I’ve never been, want to go though.

  • Anderson's avatar

  • Tony's avatar

    IT’s start tomorrow!

  • Nick's avatar

    Very poor in central Mississippi.

  • Rowdy's avatar

    Not too great but getting there

  • Rex's avatar

    Me too.

  • Justin's avatar

    May 1st ! Can’t wait

  • Rex's avatar

    @Livin-That-Hunt-Life me yoo

  • Elijah's avatar

    My wife's first time turkey hunting and she made it happen! 10 inch beard and 1 1/4" spurs in Georgia

  • A's avatar

  • Rob’z's avatar

    Knocked one over during opening weekend!

  • Shawn's avatar

    I happened to get the last season but I still have a lot to get ready. Lol

  • Nick's avatar

    Biting my nails watching birds strut in fields waiting for season to open lol

  • Scott's avatar

    I wish it was going. Our season in Kentucky doesn’t open until Saturday

  • Ashley's avatar

    We don’t open until Monday but I cannot wait 😅

  • Bentley's avatar

    First turkey

  • Mike's avatar

    Got 2 and 5 here in south east Wisconsin, hope to post, my life has been sideways for some time.

  • Barbara's avatar

    Haven’t seen as many so far

  • Scot's avatar

    The Federal Mag-Shok's did the job.

  • Liam's avatar

    Called in a long beard opening morning on first hunt diy. Missed him at 40

  • Johnny's avatar

    April 11 birthday bird. 6 long beards gobbling within a 100 yds. He came the closest.

  • Owen's avatar

    Killed one in GA already

  • Owen's avatar

    This is it

  • Jared's avatar

    Filled my Tag thanks to your awesome Grand Slam turkey Loads!

  • Rachel's avatar

    Nothing so far!

  • William's avatar

    Youth hunt tomorrow, my youngest son and I will be getting after then toms.

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