Spotting Does and a Small Buck in East TN: A Frosty Morning in the Field

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    Wow! Fog & rain in Knoxville area this morning, wether tracker on my phone just alerted to lightning strikes

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    @Arne right on that’s been the conditions where I’m at for the past few days too. That post was from back in November. Hopefully the weather will clear up for us and get cold again

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    @Zach set a camera back out that was messing up yesterday and sat for the afternoon. Was really happy with the top I put on my ladder stand! Absolutely dumping & I was perfectly dry in just my hoodie

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Zach S


My name’s Zach. I’m from southeast TN near the Cumberland plateau. I’ve been an avid outdoorsman practically my whole life. My dad got me out in the woods and on the water almost 40 years ago and I still love to get out there every chance I get. I’m mainly a whitetail hunter and like to bass fish and crappie fish, but I’ll go after any fish or game that I have the chance to.

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