Spotting a Majestic Great Horned Owl in Stevensville, Montana

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  • Laney's avatar

    Great pictures

  • David's avatar

    Great pics. Look even better on my new phone. Hopefully I can get amazing pictures like these now.

  • 🛻🚜Jeff's avatar

    Nice pics of a wonderful creature.

  • Lisa's avatar

    Thanks for the kind words, as always, my treasured friends. I'll pass along.

  • Lisa's avatar

    @David He wasn't using his cell phone but his big Canon camera. Here is how far he was from the owl (image👇🏼 and blue arrow, showing owl).
    So are we still Team Android? 😄
    Or did you bail on me and you crossed over? Lol

  • David's avatar

    Oh wow.
    Nope, still team Droid! 🤖

  • Lisa's avatar

    @David Good, because I didn't want to struggle alone!😆

  • John's avatar

    Great photos

  • Lisa's avatar

    @John ☺️ Thank you, John! Hope all is well on your end?🙏

  • John's avatar

    Everything is ok

  • Lisa's avatar

    @John excellent 😇

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