Spotting a Golden Coyote and Making My Daughter's Day During PA Bear Season

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    Beautiful coyote… way to make the best out of your day with her… I’ve had my share of encounters with people like that and have had several hunts ruined by people who like to do drives/ push animals to hunters set up for it.. always feels good to get something in spite of them

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    @Gerald in PA pushes are a major part of getting rifle season successful. But most PA hunters are very ignorant and act arrogant to other hunters when doing one on gamelands.

    They routinely ruin others who were there 1st hunt, scope other hunter because they saw the orange, shoot near or over other hunters because they are idiots and greedy and they want a deer that bad.

    Alot of times they will trespass on private property as well because "they have hunted there for years, that's where the deer are" or my favorite "you don't own this land thats been in your family since the civil war, my family does".

    It never ceases to amaze me of the ignorance and greed of other PA hunters who are willing to possibly kill others to get a deer.

    And unfortunately after so many years and so many guns pointed and shot at/near me on gamelands or by trespassers on my family land it really only scares me when I have my kids or wife with me.

    It's also why I tend to travel out west where I'm from more and more for hunting. Where I can go a few days without seeing others while hunting. And most hunters are smart enough to have binoculars and respect for their fellow hunters when they see a area is being hunted already.

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Husband, father, waterman, hunter, outdoorsman, oilfield worker, residentual contractor and wood worker. If you wanna talk politics this isn't the place I will do so.

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