South Dakota Walleye Adventure: My First Out-of-State Catch and Personal Best!

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    Awesome catch!

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    Nice one! 👊🏻

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    Nice job congratulations 💪💪. I have never caught a walleye. What is your setup/lures? I’m gonna get to try it next June.

  • Craig's avatar

    That's a dandy congrats!

  • Dave's avatar

    Wow , that’s dinner and some ! Congratulations

  • Kayla's avatar

    @Tyler I caught this guy on a spoon but I’ve caught them on crankbaits and spinner baits and well!

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  • Joshua's avatar

    Well now their ya go what a moment in life for you did you end up with a Turkey

  • Kayla's avatar

    @Joshua I didn’t have time unfortunately

  • Joshua's avatar

    @Kayla theirs always next yet I didn’t connect on a bird either work went to 6 days and missed the walleye run

  • Shane's avatar

    That's awesome, I can't seem to get one that nice!

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Kayla L


I’m a passionate hunter, fisherwoman, conservationist and outdoor enthusiast IG: kayla.leibel

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