Sourcing My Own Delicious and Chemical-Free Venison and Bear Meat

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    Not to mention hunting is great exercise. I’m also thankful for this platform, away from censorship.

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    You know, that's something I haven't thought about for ages, what goes Into the meat for medici Al purposes, thi gs thst can be passed into people through consumption.
    Good post man. Something to think about

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    Eat More Beef

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    @E we don’t eat a ton of beef. Got no problem with farmers, it’s the food industry I take issue with

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    Folks should buy directly from Ranchers. We personally don’t add growth hormones or antibiotics.

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    @E agree with that!

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    Yea, I enjoyed reading this. It has been a huge concern to me the major dependence mankind has on grocery stores. Not a good place for any of us to be!
    Thanks for the heads up on Tyson also. I stopped buying their brand years ago, but I appreciate knowing what you shared.
    A dream is to live in a small community (family & a handful of like minded friends) where we all are working together for self sustainability.
    Excellent post Brad!
    Thanks for all you do to bring us GoWild!

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    @Lisa thanks Lisa

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    I realize this isn’t your main point but, then they restrict access to antibiotics for small producers who may occasionally need them.

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    @Darin yeah makes sense. Good additional comment too. More commenting on Tyson spinning this as “science” when really they are just going back on their campaign to maximize profits

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    @Darin small producers can get antibiotics but we will need a vet prescription under some new laws. That will cost us more money. We have been able to buy some antibiotics over the counter at feed stores.

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    We haven’t bought beef in many years. Venison burger is the STAPLE here.

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    I started seeing manufactured chicken in our grocery store this weekend 🤮.

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