Solo Hunt Success: Ivy League Tom!

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  • shotgun
  • 16 lbs
  • 10
    beard length (in)
  • eastern
  • 3
    total spur length (in)
  • private
    land type
  • 1.5
    right spur length (in)
  • 1.5
    left spur length (in)
  • Shem's avatar

    Congratulations ☕️🤠🤙🏼☀️🦃🦃🦃🦃

  • Anna's avatar

    @Shem thanks Shem!!!

  • Mike's avatar

    Nice!!! Congrats and way to stick it out 👊. Make sure to tell hubby he was right, even though you did all of the work, we don’t hear it very often 🤣

  • Anna's avatar

    @Mike bahaha! I well always admit when he is right... because when it comes to hunting I trust his judgment completely!

  • Andrew's avatar

    Nice spurs!

  • John's avatar

    Awesome bird 🦃 Congrats on getting it done ✅ always fun when they play the game for us 🎯

  • Mike's avatar

    Awesome 😎

  • Anna's avatar

    @John 30 minute hunts are always nice. Long hours pay off!

  • C's avatar

    Congrats. You've worked hard getting your turkeys!

  • Brandon's avatar

    Nice job 👍

  • Dave's avatar

    Congratulations Anna!

  • William's avatar

    Way go young lady

  • Paul's avatar

    Awesome story great bird congrats

  • Joe's avatar

    What a stud. Awesome

  • Alan's avatar

    That’s awesome congratulations young lady 🤠

  • Gregg's avatar

    Great job, I can’t seem to get a turkey for myself but I’m glad everyone else can

  • Steve's avatar

    Good job!

  • Anna's avatar

    @Gregg you’ll get it Greg. I’ve been skunked 4 seasons in a row then I tagged out this season!

  • Tom's avatar

    Way to go Anna. What a great bird and hunt. Congratulations.

  • Coyote's avatar

    How’d the hole for the chair work out?

  • Amy's avatar


  • Anna's avatar

    @Coyote Aw man I asked that question after tagging out. But I’ll let you know during deer when I use the blind!!

  • Anna's avatar

    @Amy thanks Amy! How has your season gone so far?

  • Anna's avatar

    @Tom thanks Tom!!

  • Amy's avatar

    @Anna just been calling in a hen every day. I had a jake run by at top speed something must have spooked at the other end of the property the other day, but that’s it so far.

  • David's avatar

    Awesome! Congrats!

  • Nick's avatar

    Congrats on an awesome Bird!!! 👍🏼👊🏼

  • Ryan's avatar

    Well done! Congrats on breaking the curse!

  • Tom's avatar

    Way to go girl, nice job, beautiful pictures....congratulations 🦃😎

  • Tommy's avatar

    Stellar bird! Congratulations!

  • Kevin's avatar

    Way to go Anna! Nice bruiser. Those spurs are sick looking and the beard looks super long. Great harvest, I'm happy for you. Now go ice those knees! Lol Let me know how long the beard and spurs are

  • Scott's avatar

    Congrats! Excellent bird🦃🦃🦃!!!

  • Derek's avatar

    Good job!! Way to get it done👍🏻🦃🏹

  • Anna's avatar

    @David @Derek @Scott @Tommy @Tom @Ryan @Nick thanks guys! Appreciate it!

  • Anna's avatar

    @Kevin Thanks man! Yah he was flopping for a bit and I really just wanted to ring his neck to make sure. I’m super glad I didn’t!!! He would have put a hurting on me. Man I needed to ice my back!! 😂 I was planning to start running after Turkey season and then this Tropical Storm hit us. One day.... one day...

  • Anna's avatar

    @Amy better than nothing! How much longer do you have for your season? I just bought a @GoWild field notebook for sketching when I’m not getting much action in my blind/stand.

  • Amy's avatar

    @Anna season ends the end of May, so I’ve got a few days left.

  • Anna's avatar

    @Amy good luck! Go get em

  • Amy's avatar

    @Anna thanks!! The notebooks are a good idea.

  • Larry's avatar


  • Adam D's avatar

    Geez, nice bird!

  • Anna's avatar


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