Snake Hunting Success: Grilled and Mounted First Catch of the Season

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butchering & field work1H 0M
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    I’ve been thinking about trying my hand at snake hunting. I’d like to back a bow with a skin that I harvest myself someday.

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    That’s awesome 👏🏻

  • Ryan's avatar

    I do a fair amount of snake huntin in Pa

  • Ryan's avatar

    Bunch of danger noodles

  • Donovan's avatar

    I gotta try some grilled danger noodles.

  • Beau's avatar

    I want to know how you cooked it! I just picked up a snake tag in Pennsylvania (yes we have tags for them haha) and last year I cooked the one I got on the grill but would be interested in hearing how you did it

  • Samuel's avatar

    @Beau Martonik (East Meets West Hunt) I’ve done it differently the two times I’ve had it. First time was cut up and directly on the grill after marinating it. The second time was just seasoned with the inside lined with butter and garlic and cooked on the grill in some tin foil with oil.

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    @Samuel Ayres (Living Country in the City) I like the idea of the second one. I will give it a try if I get one this year! Thanks for that

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