Silencing the Hunt: Taking Down Deer with the Savage FVSR and Suppressor

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    Hands down the loudest creature on the planet when trying to be quiet

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    Love some savage accurrigger action!

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    I know y’all will think I’m full of shit but I grew up listening to stories of my great-granddad and his dad hunting squirrels with the only gun they had, a muzzle loader. They called it barking a squirrel. A well placed shot under the chin would make a clean kill and no meat was wasted. Well one day I thought I would give it a try. My shot got a little of the jaw, I think I’ll stay with my scoped .22.

  • Chris's avatar

    Lol man that’s a good shot! Head shots with a 22 can be challenging with the movements with a muzzle loader would be a nice shot!!

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    Awsome man good eats right there bud congrats

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    No your right. My great grandfather would get made if brains were shot because he ate them!And all of body.

  • Chris's avatar

    @Luke my nanny ate the brains too! Scrambled egg and brains. I was like I’ll stick with just the eggs lol

  • Followed ya. Hit me back.


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