Showing Support at Navy Bootcamp Graduation in GoWild Gear

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    Heck ya! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    Looks good on grey, haven’t seen that one before . Massive congrats to your son for getting through boot camp

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    Congrats to your son for graduation.

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    Congrats to both of you and thanks for his service.

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    Congrats that’s awesome 🇺🇸

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    👍🏼Congrats to him!!👍🏼

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    Congrats to him. I hope he gets the chance to see a lot of different countries like I did. I got lucky a lot and didn’t have to wear my dress whites very much at all. I don’t like white. Tell him as he will learn cuss like a sailor and a sailor has a girl in every port is absolutely true, I know that for a fact. Some information for you, it will be hard and take awhile to adjust to not cussing as much, for awhile it could complete a sentence without the F word in it at least once.

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    Congrats and thanks for his service

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    @Coyote to be honest.....I have a sailor mouth as it is. Grew up in a garage working on cars. I'm pry worse. Lol 😆 it will be a great experience for him and I'm proud

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    @Danielle When my daughter was very young she would lay under the car with me watching. Had to get her a set of kids tools to keep her out of mine. Bought her a real toolbox awhile back ago. She knows the basics and calls me when she has questions. She has a friend there that’s a certified mechanic for things she can’t handle since I’m not there to help her.

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    Congratulations to you both

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