Should I have focused on minimizing movement or on the deer's location during my bow hunting experience?

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    Without being in the set up that’s difficult to answer. However it is always best to move when there are obstacles between you and the deer. If you move slow and deliberately you can move without being detected even without cover. Worse case you get busted and they take off. I would rather get busted from sight then letting them get your wind.

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    Sometimes there’s nothing you can do, if you made a quick movement and he busted you for that then you would be kicking yourself for moving and not being more patient. Obviously you were in the right spot so that’s a positive. You’ll learn from the experience and now you can make an adjustment to try to get him next time.

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    Thank you both. Definitely learned something and will be ready next time.

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    I’ve killed a few from the ground. Almost always in a makeshift blind. I always find it best to find a spot and sit and wait. Picking the spot gives me the opportunity to control shooting lanes, possible wind directions, and enough cover for me to get drawn. If you want to get together for a bow hunt here in NH sometime to see what I do hit me up.

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New Hampshire


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