Cooking Wild Game: Squirrel Hot Legs!

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  • Jesse's avatar

    Looks darned tasty!

  • Brayden's avatar

    Yea man. Love cooking what I kill. I’m not a great chef by any means. Mostly just do simple recipes but every now and then I try different things. Glad you’re here on GoWild!

  • Seth's avatar

    @Brayden me too. I’ve got the meat eater wild game cookbook and this is the first recipe out of there I’ve gotten to try. Made some changes to the hot sauce but overall it was good. I definitely recommend the book, it’s not just recipes it has cleaning and butchering, back stories and all of the fun stuff from bull frogs to elk

  • Seth's avatar

    @Jesse sweet and spicy!

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Seth I’ve been working through buck buck moose by hank Shaw. Kinda sounds similar to that MeatEater book

  • Paul's avatar

    Squirrel hot legs! Genius idea. Gotta try this.

  • Seth's avatar

    @Paul yes you do! Tell all the listeners of the podcast about them 😂

  • Paul's avatar

    @Seth I will do that for sure!

  • EPIC's avatar

    There is indeed! some of the world's finest in my opinion! That looks spot on my friend...well done!

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  • Brad's avatar

    Oh we got some cooks

  • Seth's avatar

    @EPIC I’m no chef, but I do enjoy trying new things in the kitchen

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Seth B


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