Seeking Feedback on My Self-Taught Beginner Skills: Any Tips?

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    👍🏼slow down maybe...🤷🏼‍♂️try to raise your bow on target before you draw, & then to draw smoother into the anchor...squeeze the back to engage the trigger without moving your far so good 👊🏼🎯

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    Great for starting out! I would slow down and raise your bow a bit and draw back as you come down. Not sky drawing though. Also if you can don’t punch the trigger and develop a bad habit. Pull through the shot and be surprised by the release. Look up Podium Archer on YouTube or Joel Turner for form and tips

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    It helped me a lot, try not to hold your bow with your entire hand. Have it rest between your thumb and pointer finger. Helps with torquing. Also I switched to a thumb release two years ago and my accuracy was much better. Keep shooting and see what feels best for you.

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    It’s looking great!! Some things I would maybe try is a loose hold in your hand, have it rest on the meaty part under your thumb, as well as don’t hold it tight with your fingers. And try not to grab your bow as soon as you release because that can create movement you don’t want. I still shoot index release and it works great for me, slow down your trigger pull, you don’t want to punch the trigger because that movement causes your holding arm to have a slight movement because it is bracing for the impact of your shot. You want your trigger pull to be a little slower, don’t punch it, and it almost should be a “surprise” release so your body doesn’t make that tense movement bracing for the impact of you releasing the bow.

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    That’s what works best for me. But it’s looking great!

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