Scouting with the Kids: Searching for Coyotes and Enjoying the Beauty of the Outdoors

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    Great picture.

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    @Arica thanks so much! And with most pictures it doesn't do the view in person justice

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    Did you try calling them in?

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    @Coyote I have a diaphragm call I did a howl off of but that's all I have. I've only been hunting coyote for two years so I'm pretty green. That said I've killed ten which seems good to me but I'll take any tips and tricks I can get if you're willing to share!

  • Coyote's avatar

    I’ve been hunting them 17 years and passing on all I know is why I’m here. They could have seen you before you saw them so they wouldn’t have came in. If there’s any questions you have I’ll answer them. And yes 10 in 2 years is pretty good.

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Kevin H


I've only been hunting since 2012 but I've been blessed enough to have great success with rifles, shotguns and bows. I'm happy to hunt everything from quail and pheasant to boar, deer, bear you name it. It's a hunters life for me! Have fun, enjoy the wild and eat well. There's no where else I'd rather be, especially if my kids join me on the adventure!

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