Scouting and Prepping Stand Spots: A Day in the Field for Deer Hunting

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    Before building up another ground blind on a different part of this property, I had to change my clothes for the third time. The heat and humidity had me soaked to the bone. Luckily I packed accordingly. I walked my way in past a river I used to trap back in the early 90s and where I caught a nice otter. Lots of good memories. I picked up trash along the way and filled a two cubic feet mulch bag with junk – including a Twister mat from an area teens have been known to party. I’m really interested in hunting this area after finding an overlooked ridgetop trail that connects a piece of public to an old friend’s backyard. If you look at the last picture you can see my bigfoot nest 25 yards away up on a higher ridge from where the deer travel. I think it’s a perfect spot … as long as the deer come left to right, not right to left.

    The last stop on my jaunt was to take down an old stand from a hunter who I believe passed away a few years back. It is an old hang on, the straps have almost all rotted away and it is just hanging onto the bark of a dying hickory tree. Of course, as I began taking it apart, I realized it was full of ants and, later on, so was my car. Gross.

    On the way home, I changed into my new GoWild-GunBroker T-shirt and chugged water all the entire ride back.

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