Scoring Big: My First Buck with a Bow at 168 1/8

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Whitetail Buck

  • compound bow
  • 240 lbs
  • 10
    antler tines
  • 16
    antler spread (in)
  • private
    land type
  • 34
    distance (yards)
  • Lyn's avatar

    Awesome buck! Is that 168 net or or gross?

  • Jim's avatar

    Wow what a tank!

  • Logan's avatar

    @Lyn gross. net is 157 5/8!

  • Ted's avatar

    Dude that’s your first bow buck!!! Mine looked a little different. About 150” different lol

  • Tom's avatar

    Wow! Great buck. Congratulations

  • Lyn's avatar

    @Logan awesome! Always use gross. Boone and Crockett net scores are a joke. Frankly B&C scoring is just disrespectful to animals and needs to go away. No animal should get deductions. It’s a dumb way to score. I use SCI more than anything these days. Only true way to measure though is water displacement test. It shows the true mass and length of an animal. Your buck would do very very well with that. The mass on that thing is ridiculous. I’ll be headed to Logansport for muzzle loader season this year. Indiana has some huge deer.

  • Lyn's avatar

    @Nathan Van Dyn Hoven I know the history. And I know that deducting pints from an animal

  • Lyn's avatar

    @Nathan Van Dyn Hoven yes I know all this. Mot disputing any of that. My point is deducting point’s from and animal is not science based at all. It’s a person changing what the animal grew. Nothing is perfect especially in nature so why deductions? Why does someone with a bigger a sink

  • Lyn's avatar

    @Nathan Van Dyn Hoven kinda confused. I never said I was against scoring animals or trophies! I know all the history also. Im just talking about the net scores because of deductions. You even said gross score is what the animal grew. My point is B&C using a system that deducts points from an animal and sometimes a whole lot of points. That’s not science based at all that’s a human changing what the animal grew based on their perfect opinion. Nothing is perfect especially in nature but with that scoring system takes away from the animal and definitely isnt science based. Science is not supposed to be altered especially for heard manage meant. Just like this awesome buck Logan shot. B&C took away over 10” of antlers from it. Taken a buck that is almost an all time record down to a 150s class. That ain’t right.

  • Lyn's avatar

    @Nathan Van Dyn Hoven 🤙

  • Trent's avatar

    Great buck Logan

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