Scenic Lake Trail: Captured in Photos by Gabriella

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    Love your photos, always. The tree and heart shaped vines are my favorite in this group 😇

  • Thank you so much!!

  • @Lisa Lisa, I so appreciate you taking the time to look at my photos. Thse were really hard and emotional to take. I just lost my fiance the end of March and this was the first day I went on a hike to one of our favorite nature trails. We were best friends for over 30 years and this was literally the first time I hiked without him. The heart shaped vine was special as was the tree you mentioned as they were both favorites of ours, too. It has been hard getting out to do the things we always loved because it's just so sad without him. I know he is with Jesus and I will see him on the other side but it sure is hard here without him. Thank you so much again for your sweet words. It means so much to me. I pray all is going well for you and your family. 🙏

  • Lisa's avatar

    Ok.....😢 that was an emotional thing to read and I could feel what you must be feeling. A big hug from across the miles to you! I can understand why those areas were special....very unique and beautiful! I can't imagine what it must feel like having someone so close for 30+ years and then they are gone. I just can't imagine.....just know that it would probably feel like someone holding you under water at times! I'm so sorry!
    I am very familiar with loss and suffering, and it sounds like your focus is beautiful and your priorities are in line. So keep smiling at the strength the Lord is giving you. In 2019 I moved 2000 miles away from my husband, and I had to adjust. He has a horrible temper, dangerous to be around (life threatening) and he needs help. I live a life since then feeling like all my dreams and hopes have been ripped off of me like a band-aid....and I was left so disappointed and discouraged. But God truly gave me a new heart and right desires, and now I am trying to stand on solid ground and trust HIM to love me...when I so desperately wanted just one partner to join me, have my back, and keep God 1st. I have to remind myself that my life is not my own. 😮‍💨 So I try to serve and challenge myself when I start feeling self focused, to shut up and refocus. Lol.
    I'm sorry this is so long, but I truly treasure you sharing with me! May I ask his first name? May I see a couple photo? I would like to add you to my prayers each night, if that is ok? Please feel free to pray for me too 😁 because I'm trying to be more like Christ and there are still times I'm a hot mess in anger and frustration with rude people. 🤫😉

  • @Lisa I will direct message you .

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Gabriella ⛪️🏕🎣🎙🪕🎨🌻📷 R


Christian, outdoor adventurer, nature photographer, artist and musician. Love God and His beautiful creation.

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