Saying Goodbye to My Feline Child: Remembering Crescent After 17 Years

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  • Krissy Jean's avatar

    So sorry 😐

  • Mike's avatar

    Bummer man. Condolences.

  • Joan's avatar

    I’m so sorry, it’s always hard 💔

  • Keith's avatar

    I'm sorry, Brotha. No one on earth connects with us like our pets do. I'm sure you made her life great. That's a saints work right there. Rest easy, Kitty.

  • Ian's avatar

    Sorry for your loss

  • Matt's avatar

    Thank you all.

  • Brad's avatar

    Sorry buddy. That hurts I’m sure.

  • Justin's avatar

    So sorry, hate that

  • Zach's avatar

    Sorry for your loss man

  • Tom's avatar

    That’s sad but Crescent is now in a better place.

  • Brian's avatar

    Sorry to hear that. It’s never good to part with a pet.

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