Savoring a Delicious Venison Big Mac: Homemade Brioche Bun and All

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  • Chuck's avatar

    Big Mac would be a great name for a target buck!

  • A.T's avatar

    For the win right here

  • David's avatar

    Now that is a Big Mac!😋

  • John's avatar

    Looks fantastic 🍔

  • Tom's avatar

    That’s exactly how I remember that jingle. But you know you’re showing your age , probably a lot of youngsters on here have no idea.

  • Jacob's avatar

    Looks good

  • Jeff's avatar

    @Tom do you remember the little vinyl record that had a giveaway on it?

  • Tom's avatar

    @Jeff yep and those floppy records stuffed into the pages of magazines. Good stuff.

  • David's avatar

    @Tom oh yeah I remember it too well. 😎

  • David's avatar

    @Tom remember those too.

  • Tom's avatar

    @David Nowakowsk

  • Bobby's avatar

    Step aside Big Mac

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From Field T

Southern California

Jeremiah Doughty, Wild game chef, outdoors writer, Husband, father and Christ follower. The real trophy is not the head on your wall, but the meat on your plate.

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