Fishing Fun: What's Your Catch?

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    What ever decides to bite that day.

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    My first love is smallmouth bass

  • Ross's avatar

    Largemouth Bass, Spottail Bass (Redfish), Spotted Sea Trout (in your hand). In that order. Where did you catch that one?

  • Chris's avatar

    I love to catch them all, but that spec is one of my favorites to eat!

  • Colby's avatar

    they are all great fishing but my fav is channel cat

  • Sarah's avatar

    @Ross the sea trout and redfish are my favs! We have a place in Perry, Florida where we spend the winters so we fish around that area (the Big Bend)

  • Tyler's avatar

    Bass for me. I absolutely love when the crankbait bite is on. 💪💪

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