Samuel's Dad on Social Media and Safety Concerns for Kids

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    A very considerate and beautiful post, Kelly. I'm sure everyone will appreciate you taking the time to share🙏.
    There is a DM (direct message) feature here that would be considered "treading on thin ice," if an adult is sending private messages to an under age child. I do get some kids popping in on my DM to ask me to make them a basket for their Mom's birthday. But with that being said, predators are everywhere....I'm not one of them. 😉 I'm a proud Momma bear of two sons, and have been background checked many times to be able to drive shuttle at Glacier National Park, as well as for Bigfork & Corvallis schools. 😁
    Back to the DM feature, I've blocked and reported a couple of men, and the team at GoWild removed them within 30 minutes. They are good family men in KY and they take this very seriously. Thank the Lord. This is my only social media. The rest is absolutely toxic. We all look out for each other, and there are a lot of youth that get a ton of support from us.
    Samuel has been a shining light and a good representative for the younger kids on here. He gets a lot of respect from us, and his dog is awesome. It has been very clear from the beginning that he has wonderful parents. I have my Bachelors in ministry, and I could sense the Holy Spirit within him just by his posts. I only wish that my 16 year old son had him as a buddy.
    I'll send you a text tomorrow (Wednesday 4/26), and I want to say also that you are free to call or text me anytime.
    Thanks again, Kelly!

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    Great job parenting! I think most here will understand. My kids are young so social media isn’t on their radar yet but I can only imagine how hard it is and will continue to be to keep them safe

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    Kelly, DM me here on GoWild if you like. The team has access to it but no one else does, if you need to talk or have any concerns.
    Discernment is needed in this day and time. My calling, as well as other Christians, is to spread the news about the share His love with a lost and dying world.
    GoWild is a hard platform to beat in that department! They have a FAITH category on here, and I'd be hard pressed to think any other social media has that. 😉🙏

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I am an avid big game and bird hunter. Also a trout fisherman. I breed, and train English Field Cocker Spaniels. I love tying flies, building fly rods and of course fly fishing. God is always first, and above all other.

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