Desperation for a Deer Hunt.

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    I’m looking at single digit temps, high winds and a possible ice skating rink for roads Friday but I’m still going to try and get out there. Still have a buck tag and a doe tag to fill. Hoping to fill both with my Mathews before the season closes mid January. Good luck!

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    Man we still haven’t gotten any ice down here let alone snow. It’s just muddy cold and rain and it sucks and along with that our rut is getting a bad start and the deer are not moving. I’m getting pretty desperate too trying to get a good buck

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    @Tom good luck to you also! I’ll be out tomorrow again before we get hit with sun zero temps with windchill on top of that, also possible blizzard conditions. I’m in the same boat with an archery and muzzleloader tag.

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    @Jackson I feel you, rut is over here and the deer are pretty calm. Still can get it done, just have to put in the time and stay warm. Good luck!

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    @Sam thanks!

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Sam N


I bow hunt, shotgun/rifle hunt and fish. I hunt Turks, deer, ducks, geese, rabbit, elk, bear, and am trying my hand at predators this fall. Drake Waterfowl Field Expert

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