Saddle Hunting: Young and Wild Outdoors Put It to the Test

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    I’m a big fan of my tethrd saddle setup. I got to use it a little bit last season but I’ll be hunting out of it a lot this fall.

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    I haven't pulled the trigger on it yet but have thought hard about it. If I didn't already have so many thing to throw $500 at, I would have a setup already. I love run n gun style hunting though

  • Chris's avatar

    Using the Cruzr XC. I really enjoy using it, especially on public land.

  • Wayne's avatar

    I got the tethrd setup last year and probably did 90% of my hunting out of it. By far the most comfortable and versatile setup I've ever used. I bought a $12 camo backpack from Walmart and can pack my entire setup in with it. Little pricey on the front end but I will guarantee that the investment is well worth it. I can setup in a tree that's no bigger around than my leg. You can literally get in anywhere with those things.

  • Jeffrey's avatar

    Just got mine yesterday from latitude.

  • CJ's avatar

    I am using a blended setup. Trophyline saddle, tethered platform. I think that is a good fit for me. Plenty of resources out there for modify your setup to personalize to you.

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