Successful Hunt: Ohio Buck

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Whitetail Buck

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    land type
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    Your not alone. Did the same thing. It’s hard but you are being truthful and shows character. God Bless you Sir!

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    Been there myself

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    I had already filled my buck tag but at the time to be considered a antlered he had to have a antler 3” long. Both of this ones were broken off. It was a foggy morning and he was about 100yds. Shot him with a muzzleloader.

  • Nick's avatar

    What did dnr say?

  • PK's avatar

    It’s nice to have a set of binoculars so it won’t happen again. We all been there and a good set of Binos keeps that from happening.

  • @Nick warning

  • Greg's avatar

    Had the same thing happen a couple years ago. Luckily I still had my buck tag

  • Zach's avatar

    Great you did the right thing!

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YouTube channel Check us out - My name is Ryan Pledger a Member of Infinite Hunt Outdoors. Hunting of all types, mainly whitetail. The challenge of the hunt is what I enjoy the most. I’m an Assistant Pastor and Youth Pastor at a Baptist Church in Columbus, OHIO. God is Good!!!

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