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Whitetail Doe

  • compound bow
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    land type
  • 25
    distance (yards)
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    Want some help with the doe management? 😂 I like my three-blade fixeds (Ramcat) for just that reason; I feel like a single bevel clumsy penetrate better, but the actual wound opening will be narrower. Regardless, glad to hear they worked well for you.

  • Dan's avatar

    That’s strange. I’ve been looking at switching to Iron Will single bevels because I’ve heard that they bleed like nothing else. What broad heads were you using?

  • Russell's avatar

    @Nicholas haha I prolly need some! Yeah I’m confident hunting at home with them cause I could call a tracking dog. Just kind skittish about using them in the back country out west cause I couldn’t get a dog. I’m shooting the 150 grain cutthroats

  • Russell's avatar

    @Dan I’m using the 150 grain cutthroats. Iron will sells them with and without bleeder blades idk how much of a difference the bleeders make

  • Dan's avatar

    I listened to a podcast that had the owner and founder of iron will and all the guys on the show said the bleeders make the difference. They were saying that just the single blade doesn’t open the channel up enough but the bleeders cause that wound to gape and bleed more. But again, this is just what you hear. Personal experience is ultimately the greatest factor

  • Jim's avatar

    yah most of those single bevels don't leave much blood

  • Russell's avatar

    @Dan yeah I think I’m gonna try the iron will with bleeders next but it is hard to complain when I haven’t had to track a deer yet with the cutthroats because they die with in sight.

  • Russell's avatar

    @Jim yeah have you lost any animals with a single bevel head?

  • Dan's avatar

    @Russell that’s a valid point! I got my first archery kill this year (first time hunting with a bow) and I shot him at 19 yards with a G5 montec fixed 3 blade. Got both lungs 3 inches below his centerline. There was only 1 spurt of blood about 15 yards away from where I shot him and he piled up exactly 35 yards from where I shot him. So I feel I’m in the same boat. It didn’t bleed a lot, made a hell of a hole though. But he only went 35 yards so do I need to shift or just stay with it?? Haha. This is the joy and pain of hunting!

  • Dan's avatar

    The Meat Eater Podcast episode 364. Physics and Fatality was the podcast with the founder of Iron Will. Definitely worth the listen, lots of information in those dudes heads

  • Russell's avatar

    Sweet i’ll check that podcast out thanks. Yeah I’m in the same boat, I think I’m sticking with the single bevels till they fail me or give me a reason to change. I used to shoot shwackers and would have to track them but there was a carpet of blood leading me to them. Will say one of those does I hit back, didn’t hit a lung and she piled up 40 yards away. That shot is really making me more of a believer in the singles.

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