Running Walker Hounds: Locating and Staying Treed for Successful Hunting

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    Very interesting. I spent most of life hunting with running walkers and julys. We used them on coyotes. We did catch an occasional raccoon and a few bobcats with them, but they were always on ground. I never had one look up and tree that I remember, yet we were never purposely pursuing game that would. Have you ever hunted any dogs from the Croghan line of breeding? They are mostly running walker with some july in the pedigree.

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    @Jared I have not hunted the Crogans or at least not that I know of. Most of the running walkers that I hunted were just considered “south Texas cat dog” breeding. No papers and most have some some trigg or July in them way back somewhere. We didn’t buy a lot of purebred walkers from competition coyote guys and switch them to cats.

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    @Jared the dogs I currently hunt have some croghan blood in them on one side of their pedigree. Is that what your hunting?

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    @Shorty yes. They handled well, easy to deer break, and were not afraid to fight. I had some real good ones over the years. 👍 I appreciate seeing your posts.

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Full time hunting guide at Escondido Hunting’s Folsom, New Mexico location. Mountain Lion hunts are my specialty.

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