Achieving the Dream: Hound Breeding

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Mountain Lion

  • tree and free
  • 75 lbs
  • public
    land type
  • 5
    distance (yards)
  • Brandon's avatar

    Congratulations!! That’s AWESOME !

  • Jackson's avatar

    Nice man! You got some cool pics too!

  • Rowdy's avatar

    Thank you! Yeah she wasn’t too happy with me being up there. She pissed on me the first time I got close lol.

  • Tyler's avatar

    Awesome. Where is the hounds?

  • Rowdy's avatar

    @Tyler I only took videos of them and I can’t post videos for some reason.

  • Bradford's avatar

    Wow! Incredible pics!!!!

  • Stephen's avatar

    Hound hunting is getting ridiculously expensive lol. Congratulations!

  • Landon's avatar

    Have they ever attacked you? Im curious.😂

  • Brandon's avatar

    @Stephen you got that right !

  • Stephen's avatar

    @Brandon What kind of tracking system do you run? I run the Garmin Alpha 100 and a tt15 collar but I’m not too happy with Garmin and I’m looking for a new system?

  • Brandon's avatar

    @Stephen Garmin 200i and TT15X collars. I broke my screen on my 100 about a year and a half ago so bought a 200i. Then I traded in all my Collars (except my minis) for the X models so I’d have fresh equipment. Then I broke my 200i screen about 3 weeks ago and had to get a replacement 🤦🏻‍♂️ you might as well stick With your garmin the other 2 brands out there aren’t any better and in most cases worse. At least for hunting where I am in big game and Hare! Just my observations.

  • Joshua's avatar

    Treed and freed?

  • Stephen's avatar

    @Brandon I had to send a tt15 collar back to Garmin because it lost reception and wouldn’t pair up, I called Garmin and they told me to update it so I did but it still wouldn’t work, anyway I sent it back and it cost me $172.44 and all they did was put a new antenna on it and they said that they done a software update but I had just updated it right before I sent it to them. I called them to ask why they charged me so much and they said that was the service fee but the guy was a smarta**? The collar I sent back had only been used around the yard and the woods by my house and barely ever had any dirt on it and when it lost reception I was in a open field flat ground. I bought a new tt15 while Garmin had the other one so I wouldn’t be without a collar, $382.16 for a new collar?

  • Ty's avatar

    @Joshua ya treed and freed means he caught it and then pulled the dogs back and let it live another day and go about it’s day or where you asking if he treed and freed

  • Rowdy's avatar

    @Joshua Yes sir, it’s catch and release. The standard for lion hunting is to tree and free the females to keep a solid population. A single tom can cover multiple females but removing a female also prevents all of her offspring from being born. So we usually leave the females.

  • Joshua's avatar

    Fascinating. Sorry you got pissed on.

  • Rowdy's avatar

    @Joshua thank you, it’s all good though. I have kids so it doesn’t gross me out as much as it used to lol. It was just a splatter as it was hitting the branch below her but in front of me.

  • Chris's avatar


  • Joshua's avatar

    @Rowdy Honestly, if you had chased me up a tree with your dogs, I might have pissed on you too. Can’t blame her.

  • Rowdy's avatar

    @Joshua That’s a fair observation.

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Rowdy F


I like to spend tons of money on my hounds, walk them in remote places without trailing anything or catching game. Or at least that’s how it seems works out… ha ha ha

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