Review: Rural King Find - Has Anyone Tried This?

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  • Dwight's avatar

    They were expensive if I remember right

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    @Dwight this one was $2,200. Then you’ve got to get the lumber for the platform.

  • William's avatar

    The quality doesn't match the price, in my opinion.

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    @William what do you prefer?

  • Rick's avatar

    One of the best I’ve ever hunted from I left mine on the ground with the skid still attached an have shot some nice deer from it with xbow an gun from 100 yards to 15 yards they payed no attention to it

  • Review's avatar

    @Rick heck yeah! That’s nice!

  • William's avatar

    @Review To be honest I built my own enclosed stand 6x8 10ft high. I keep looking at the manufactured ones and I don't think I could ever spend that much on a box you use for 9 days in November.

  • Review's avatar

    Haha. That’s a great point.

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North Carolina

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