Rescuing a Bunny from Stray Cats: My Encounter with a Brave Little Fella

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  • Mitch's avatar

    Nice! Now he can be your dinner in a year or two 👌

  • Paul's avatar

    Thats funny

  • Lisa's avatar

    Lol. That has happened with me as well, way back in the day. Baby rabbits flying out from under the mower, running everywhere! Amazing the blade never gets them. I've tried putting them back in their hole after catching them...but they never stayed. Lol...too much "trauma." (Ptsd). Ha Fun photo, Travis. He sure does look unhappy, but ya both look like twins 🤣😁👍🏻

  • Travis's avatar

    @Lisa He seemed to stay. My wife and daughter came down and found him and another one snuggled up in the nest. He was letting out some pretty loud cries for a little guy. The sucker part of me thought “this could be handy for calling in some coyotes”. 😆

  • Travis's avatar

    @Travis sicker not sucker

  • Lisa's avatar

    @Travis Lol! I have an old video somewhere of my husband holding one, years ago. It was screaming too...and you know it, that would be awesome to bring the yotes in! 😊

  • Big Matt's avatar

    Hey now we can all share a rabbit story 😂

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Travis W


Just an average Joe enjoying the Creation and following the Creator. Part of a group called Shedding Light Outdoors and founded the Shedding Light Hunting Stories Podcast.

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