Remembering Brian Long: A Treasured GoWilder Gone Too Soon

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    Here is the song Brian said he played when he is feeling down. Maybe it might help some of you if you wanna listen. Great, upbeat song:

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    Sad news to hear. But i believe he's went somewhere better now. Safe travels Brian

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    So sorry to hear this for his family, I will be praying for him. Now is the time to rejoice for him in knowing that he has gone home. Praise the lord for giving us such blessings and an everlasting life.

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    @Wayne Yea, it is tough. He had asked that I pray he get out of his wheelchair, and I had been....but I guess he truly IS out of his wheelchairs and loving his life now! I'm just thankful he knew the Lord and accepted him as Savior! 👏🏻

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    Oh man I am so sorry to hear that. Thank you for letting us know. He will be missed for sure.

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    I am deeply saddened by this news. I never met Brian in person but I considered him as a friend because of @GoWild. He lived not too far from me in Kewanee, Illinois. We always talked about going crappie fishing out on the Hennepin Canal out close by him, just never got around to it. It was always in the back of my mind to definitely get together someday. Now that someday will never come.
    He will be deeply missed by all of us on GoWild. We can all take comfort in that he is in a place where he no longer has to suffer and is with our Lord.
    I'm feeling numb about the news. Didn't get a chance to go and pay my last respects to his family and say goodbye to him.
    Don't let life pass you by or put off till later what you can do now. Now more than ever I would love to meet others in my GoWild family. So if you're ever in Illinois or just passing through let's try to get together, go fishing, hiking or even for lunch, dinner or just a few drinks and talk.
    God Bless ya'll and R.I.P Brian till we meet in Heaven and have eternit to go fishing. 😭🙏

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    @David ☝🏻
    I KNOW....I've cried so much.....and I would have loved the chance to say last words to him and hug his wife.
    God help us! Yep, people need to set aside time to visit one another.

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    @David Yep! I need that. I hug my sons and they hold still while I do so, lol, but I have to just get comfort from the Lord thru the rest of us that will miss his time on here. Did you sign his Guestbook? Mine was rather lengthy. You can't imagine that, huh?! 😄

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    @Lisa you, lengthy in your comments? Naah I just don't see it in you. 🤣

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    @Lisa yeah I did. Basically said we never met but consider him a friend through GoWild. Spoke for all if us that he will be greatly missed.

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