Redneck Ingenuity: A Logger's Daughter

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    Awe sweetie practice with the saw u will find that with everything practice makes perfect and my mama was for thick 11 barely a hundred pounds and ran a chainsaw very nicely you've actually one of my role models and I currently do tree work myself nothing like it you'll get the hang of it just trust yourself

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    Typo. 4 feet 11inches.. she's actually one of my role models

  • Cameron's avatar

    Congratulations!!! Got a frontal photo?

  • Mandy's avatar

    @Cameron The picture is in my trophies. He had a huge pumpkin head, was quite a large, old boar.

  • Cameron's avatar

    @Mandy Nice! What was his skull measurement?

  • Appalachian's avatar

    Oh yeah, last big buck and boar I killed I had to tie a rope to a tree behind me, run the rope over my roof rack . Tie it around their neck and drive forward.

  • Mandy's avatar

    @Cameron I don't have it cleaned up, I will be taking it to the taxidermist.

  • Cameron's avatar

    @Mandy Lord willing will get a bear this year and would like to tan the hide, but not sure if I can do the job right.

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Hardworking RN that loves hunting, fishing, fitness and getting outside. Rockstarletteoutdoors field staff, code mandy10 for discount. Instagram: @hunter_angler_nurse,

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