Recovering from a Diesel Engine Accident: Hoping to Hold My Bow Again

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  • Man, I’m sorry to hear that. Do you mind if I ask what happened? I work on our diesel buses at my church. DM me if you would like.

  • Joshua's avatar

    @Infinite Hunt Outdoors (Ryan Pledger) I'll dm you

  • Joseph's avatar

    Damn that sucks man. God willing you will heal good and new and quick.

  • Tom's avatar

    Bummer hope all heals fast. Take care

  • Joshua's avatar

    @Tom thanks.

  • Judah's avatar

    D@mn I'm sorry hopefully u will be out here with us again soon 🙏

  • Mike's avatar

    Get well and recover soon! Positive vibes man👊

  • David's avatar

    Sorry to see that. Hope the recovery goes well.

  • Joshua's avatar

    @Mike appreciate it man

  • Joshua's avatar

    @David thanks!

  • Christopher's avatar

    Here’s to hoping that it heals quickly. 🏹

  • Kris's avatar

    I definitely feel your frustration,prayers for a speedy recovery.

  • Joshua's avatar

    @Kris appreciate it buddy

  • Carson's avatar

    Sorry to hear that man hope you get better and are able to still hunt with your bow. Best of luck to you.

  • Joshua's avatar

    @Carson my wife keeps telling me it'll be ok and that I'll still be able to but I'm trying to be optimistic yet realistic

  • Dave's avatar

    Sorry for you man ! Praying 🙏 quick healing

  • Carson's avatar

    @Joshua yea that sucks man. I’m kinda surprised you can’t use a gun. I guess it depends on when season starts for y’all but I would think you could use a cast right?

  • Joshua's avatar

    I'd need a shooting stick. So it's possible but idk what I'm looking at yet for recovery as I still have minimal feeling in that hand and can't completely close my hand

  • Eric's avatar

    Best of luck on a speedy recovery!

  • Wade's avatar

    Praying for you bud! Maybe you’ll heal fast and get out before the end of season

  • Joshua's avatar

    @Wade I wish it was going to be that easy. I have a follow up on Monday. They will remove one set of stitches and stitch up a different wound they left open. Swelling is going down in my fingers slowly but still no feeling from about my mid forearm down. I'm just thankful that my hand/arm and fingers are all still intact.

    So thankful I carry my backpack and IFAK everywhere

  • Wade's avatar

    Man I’m sorry you’re having a hard time. I’ll be praying. God can do miracles

  • Joshua's avatar

    @Wade I appreciate it. As hard as it is dealing with the mental side of it and all the what ifs, I feel for my family. They have to live with me lol

  • Wade's avatar

    Good lord has you bud. The Bible tells us to be strong and courageous and do not be afraid for the lord goes with you each and every day. You got this bud! Keep your head up and hunt on brother!

  • Shorty's avatar

    Praying for you buddy. Just remember this though, if that’s a major accident your living a pretty good life. There are many that would trade your ailments for theirs. Just count that as a blessing and know that there is a lesson of god in there somewhere. It’s our/your job to figure out the lesson. It’s not always obvious.

  • Lisa's avatar

    😳 I somehow missed thus.
    That's terrible.
    Are you in a lot of pain?
    Prayers going up for you, Jason!

  • Lisa's avatar

    😳I somehow missed this.
    That's terrible!
    Are you in a lot of pain still? Prayers going up for you, Jason!

  • Lisa's avatar

    I hope your follow up appointment goes well tomorrow (May 15th).
    Keep us posted?

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I'm a hunter and just an all around outdoor person

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